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Passat Intake Kits

High Flow Intake Kits For Passat Models

MK3 Intake Kits


MK4 Intake Kits

Intake Kits For MKIV Golf And Jetta Models, 1999.5 - 2005


MK6 Intake Kits

Intake Kits for 2010 on Golf and 2011 Jetta Models

Eurosport Cool-Flo Race Intake

Eurosport Cool-Flo Race Intake

Web Price: $210.00

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ITG Dust Retention Coating $20.00


Cool-Flo Race intake for A3 2.0 and VR6 and A4 2.0, 1.8T, and 12 or 24 valve VR6. The Tubing is Polished ceramic coated 3" or 2.5" mandel bent steel tubing with lazer cut brackets. Kits include light weight ITG Maxogen air filter, clamps, hardware and instructions. NOTE; Kit is recomended for off road use only by manufacturer. Cars in extreem cold weather areas may want to install factory air box for winter to prevent throttle freeze up. Golf - Jetta 4 intake pictured.

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EUROSPORT Cool Flow Intake Systems

EUROSPORT Cool Flow Intake Systems

Web Price: $159.00

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ITG Breather Filter for Air Pump System on A3 and A4 Models $22.00

Dust Retention Coating, $20.00

EUROSPORT cold air intakes feature a powder coated air dam with rubber seal to keep engine heat out of air fliter area.(C.I.S. Models have no seal to hood.) Kit includes: ITG filter, air dam, hadrware and instructions. Select Year, Model and Engine Size. On 85 - 92 A2 models C.I.S. Injection has braided stainless fuel lines and Digafant injection has electonic fuel injectors and a black fuel rail. (A3 and A4 models with 1" air pump hose attached to top of factory air box will need additional breather filter for air pump system, Please select) Note: Cars in extreem cold weather areas may want to install factory air box for winter to prevent throttle freeze up.

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